You instantly comply with Government Website Standards

Your Government website CMS will be instantly compliant. aGov’s features meet all mandatory Australian Government requirements - including for website accessibility and website security.

Improving access to web content for all users is important to the Australian Government, and to us. aGov is designed and developed based on the mandatory requirements created by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) as part of the National Transition Strategy (NTS). When you download aGov, your Government website CMS is instantly compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level AA (WCAG 2.0 AA).

aGov has been independently audited for  web accessibility compliance by our trusted partner, Media Access Australia and complies with all mandatory requirements in the Australian Government Web Guide that can be controlled within Drupal. These include website branding, accessibility, structure, content and website security. aGov for Drupal 8 has also been designed to adhere to the Digital Transformation Office's new Digital Service Standard.

Please note that aGov is compliant when initially installed. Once you customise design, content and functionality your site will need to be re-tested to ensure it continues to meet Government standards.

Amongst our many service offerings, we are able to audit your websites for accessibility compliance and security. Find out more about website auditing services, and our full range of services, today.

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