Web Services Integration

Find solutions to problems such as document and digital asset management, or customer relationship management and content personalisation - and save time, money and worry - by taking advantage of our full range of services.

Drupal 8, which powers aGov, gives your Government website CMS the ability to integrate with a whole host of third party web services.

When you’re dealing with large volumes of digital assets and content - videos, images, PDFs, documents, pages etc - possibly shared across multiple websites, it’s often easier to manage them centrally in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system or content repository. Talk to us about the Drupal modules that can be adapted and customised to suit your needs.

Discover more about the benefits of Digital Asset Management for Government Drupal or how to share and manage content between your Drupal CMS based websites.

Help your Government website users cut straight through to what matters to them, by personalising their content. There are expensive options available to you - but why pay more for a one-size fits all approach when you can find a solution tailored to your needs (and budget)?

Personalisation can occur at a variety of levels of detail and with different criteria involved. For a simple approach, Drupal 8’s built in condition API is sufficient. For more complex solutions, ranging from adding custom code to the API, to machine learning for analysing user preferences, start by reading more about content personalisation for Drupal and contact us for more support.

Increasingly users discover content through website search functions. When you are dealing with multiple Government Drupal websites, a federated search service can cover all platforms with a single click. We work with you to decide which is the most appropriate website search solution, from a range of readily available and scalable open-source options.

For those Government organisations interacting with customers: a personalised, informed and joined-up experience is key. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is an accessible way of recording every touchpoint every part of your organisation has with customers. This not only demonstrates your commitment to their needs - but streamlines resources and processes internally. Drupal 8 can integrate with CRMs easily, with features ranging from the simple, to the complex, based on your needs.

Your aGov website experience may be just beginning, or it may be well underway already. Regardless, the needs and expectations of your users will always change. Our job is to guide you to the best, most affordable and most appropriate solutions to these evolutions in digital interaction.

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