Simple Website Content Administration

aGov places more power in the hands of Government website developers and administrators. Day to day administration of your website is made simple and easy with our advanced content management features.

You won’t need to worry about setting up your own systems for content version control and keeping track of updates on your website. With aGov you simply use Drupal 8’s in-built management console to select who has what level of access and then define your own workflows.  

This default workflow includes the moderation of drafts, the ability to review, publish and unpublish, as well as tailor settings for the content types.  aGov also saves retrievable content from all previous versions of each page and content can be scheduled to be published and/or unpublished on specific dates.  

Formatting your page content is made easy with aGov’s rich content editor. Using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) formatting, you can insert images and videos, choose your font styles, and for ultimate ease of use - cut and paste directly from Microsoft Word without any unforeseen glitches.

Managing files within a Government website CMS - such as photos, videos and documents - can become overwhelming as those assets grow in numbers. Drupal 8 saves time on asset management, giving you a searchable library where you can upload and re-use files anywhere on your website.

If you’re looking for ongoing assistance with the management of your Government website CMS, then our range of professional website services are just what you’re looking for.

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