Ensure your visibility with rich Search Engine Optimisation

Bring your Government website to the fore. Help users easily discover your website, find what they need when they get there, and keep them coming back for the right information.

There are many ways to ensure your website gets found and used.

When potential users are searching the web, make sure your website is there to be found. On aGov you are immediately optimised for search engines when you update your sitemap.xml, create and set customised URL paths and custom page titles, and include specific keywords in your Government website content.

Because aGov is a complete package, your Government web development team will be able to decide exactly what to list on the XML sitemap and to sync this with Google Webmaster Tools. This provides enhanced search results and search engine optimisation.

Drupal 8 gives you the power to categorise and label your content. Tagging means any web system anywhere can exchange and make use of your content. Powered by Drupal’s sophisticated Taxonomy module, you can define and manage content categorisation to the finest level.

Users will often choose to search your Government website to find specific content. aGov’s out of the box search functionality includes a full keyword search powered by Drupal’s inbuilt search engine. Or, your choice of search engine can easily be integrated - including Apache Solr, Elatic Search, Google Search Appliance and Funnelback Search.

You can also improve the visibility and availability of pages and resources on your website. To ensure compliance, Government website developers can apply the Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) Metadata Standard set of descriptive properties to your website content. This metadata can be automated to appear throughout each page of your aGov site, with manual editing available where applicable.

For services that enhance your Government website’s visibility, take a look at our full suite of website support services.

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