Creative Control with Drupal 8

Take charge of what users see when they arrive at your website. How your Government website design evolves can be in your hands.

Sometimes it’s difficult to envisage how your website will look until it’s complete with content. We provide full example content that you can include when you install aGov and then replace or remove entirely once you’re ready.

It’s essential to have a properly branded website that represents your organisation. Apply your branding quickly and easily by modifying the starter theme with some quick CSS code changes.

For a simple and straightforward approach to your Government website design, Drupal 8 provides advanced tools for managing and modifying your page layouts.

We also know it’s important to give users a digital experience of the highest standard - whether they’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile. That’s why we’ve included a mobile responsive design in the base theme by default, providing a true multi-device experience.

Present all information on your website in the most user-friendly way available. Use the built-in content types for managing press releases, sharing important publications including public policy advice and white papers and events listings to promote key dates.

Looking for support with your content and design? Find out more about the additional Government website services we offer.

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