The CMS used at every level of Government

aGov is a ready-to-go software for all Government organisations, at Federal, State and Local level. It’s already in use on 550 websites, so what makes it accessible for Government web development at every level?

You’ll be pleased to know security and accessibility are taken care of for you. aGov already meets all mandatory Australian Government website standards, including WCAG 2.0 AA.

Using our specifically-designed platform, you can quickly create a simple Government website, or use it as a jump start to create a large, complex and fully customised digital experience for your users.

Organisations using aGov have included the Australian Navy, Department of Education, NSW Department of Finance & Innovation and Brisbane City Council. These projects prove that aGov lets you move quickly and purposefully, choosing whether to adapt your site or use the existing website CMS structure.

Whilst aGov is ready for you to download and get started, don’t forget that we can also help you get started with hosting and a range of other services including content, design, development and support. Most of these services can be engaged under a range of pre-approved government supplier panels, making procurement a breeze.

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