aGov saves you time and effort

Move quickly to create a seamless website experience with aGov’s ready-to-go features. From downloading to hosting, from transferring content to customising and organising your Government website - you’ll quickly speed ahead.

aGov can be installed on the hosting platform of your choice in under 10 minutes, and provides a fully featured Drupal 8 website out of the box, while meeting all Australian Government website standards. The advanced content management features will help you to collaboratively keep track of documents, page changes and other day to day activity with ease.

Focus your time and effort on creating engaging content and customised features. Because your Government Drupal site comes fully loaded with a core set of user interface elements, functionality and features - these can be reused as the basis for any new Australian Government website.

For departments and agencies at a federal, state and local level, this means a large and significant proportion of the work for any new Government Drupal website is already complete, before you’ve even started.

For small Government websites, the majority of requirements have been met in the out of the box version of aGov. Once it's installed, you're ready to go. For larger, more complex websites, you will have all the tools you need for customising and enhancing the features on your website.

To save even more time to spend where you need it most, think about using our range of professional website services.

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