aGov CMS Hosting on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is regarded as one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive cloud services platforms. We are part of Microsoft’s APAC Open Source Partner Accelerator program, through which we manage, maintain, support and enhance Government Drupal websites deployed on Azure.

If you’re looking for an open and flexible platform that is also secure and scalable, Azure is a compelling option.

Microsoft maintains two Australian Signals Directorate Certified Cloud Services data centres and is Government compliant and approved - meaning a saving on the time and resources generally needed for accrediting third party suppliers.

The major benefit for Government agencies that are already Microsoft customers is that Azure pricing can be rolled under your existing contracts, often at a discount to listed pricing.

Azure base hosting fees make our fully managed hosting service highly affordable.

Azure’s features include:

  • Open and extensible
  • Supported application development
  • Data services
  • Scalable
  • Easy deployment
  • Open source support

Visit the website for more features, as well as information on what makes Microsoft Azure such a popular aGov hosting partner.

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